Silkied Serama Chicken


Silkied Feather Serama

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Silkied Seramas are the rarest of Serama feather types. The feathers look more like fur. There is a debate as to wether the feather type is naturally occurring in Seramas or a cross between a Silkie Bantam chicken occurred many generations back. I myself believe these are naturally occurring feathers. The Seramas have no other Silkie traits such as: black skin, extra toes, top knot or crest. They also may have a silkied tail and wings or smooth feather tail and wings. I have seen a combination of both. Since the silkied Seramas are more rare, we usually do not have these in stock. Place an order and we will contact you with an expected delivery date depending on hatchings. Our silkied Seramas can be white, black, brown or a combination of these colors.


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