Egg Gathering Apron


Egg gathering apron holds a dozen eggs!

Egg gathering apron holds a dozen eggs!

Machine washable cotton apron. Two rows of roomy pockets to cradle and protect your eggs while gathering. Long strong ties in back. Holds a dozen eggs!


I learned the hard way never to put eggs in my coat pocket. I had my 2 day old iPhone in my pocket. Forgetting this, I put a couple gathered eggs in there too! I leaned into my coop and pop! My iPhone was covered in egg! My phone never worked again. Now I put my apron on before checking my coops and cages. The ties are nice and long so I can even put it over my coat in winter! If I am in a hurry as usual, I can remove my apron, set it gently on the counter and unload the eggs later. This apron is one of my best investments. They are made out of various chicken print fabric. Solid black is also available. Excellent gifts for your chicken friends.


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